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Please note that due to the coronavirus we are deferring all appointments for further care. The progression of the virus throughout the region will determine when we can re-start seeing routine patients again. We do hope that we can get the service up and running and soon as possible.

Should you feel that your symptoms are causing you serious concerns or that you feel you cannot wait for further contact please do contact your GP as soon as possible or in an emergency situation please attend your local Accident and Emergency Department.

Once we are in a position to resume the service we will be in touch with patients individually.

Oral - Maxillofacial surgery relates to defects, diseases or injuries upwards of the clavicle and inside the mouth. At Somerset Surgical Services we offer a local anaesthetic day case service.

Referrals can be sent directly from General Practitioners as well as hospital transfers and dental surgeries. Please note that there is a specific dental referral form which can be obtained here SSS Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Referral Form June 2019

Cases treated at Somerset Surgical Services include:


–       Removal of buried roots requiring raising, periododontal flap & removal of bone

–       Patients on stable anti-coagulant therapy & cardiac therapy not suitable for primary care

–       Excisional biopsies  (please note SSS are not commissioned to see fast track patients or suspected cancers)

–       Soft tissue wisdom teeth impactions / bone wisdom teeth impactions

–       Lesions inside of the mouth


–       Removal of basal cell carcinomas (a non-melanoma skin cancer)

–       Removal of skin lesions/ moles and skin biopsies.

–       Selected scar revision surgery including keloid scarring

–       Keratin horns

Please note that NHS surgery for many of the above  is subject to funding restrictions / approval. Please speak to your General Practitioner for further information regarding criteria.

Our Patient Information Leaflet is available below:-

Dental extractions