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Oral - Maxillofacial surgery relates to defects, diseases or injuries upwards of the clavicle and inside the mouth. At Somerset Surgical Services we offer a local anaesthetic day case service.

Referrals can be sent directly from General Practitioners as well as hospital transfers and dental surgeries. Please note that there is a specific dental referral form which can be obtained here SSS Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Referral Form June 2019

Cases treated at Somerset Surgical Services include:


–       Removal of buried roots requiring raising, periododontal flap & removal of bone

–       Patients on stable anti-coagulant therapy & cardiac therapy not suitable for primary care

–       Excisional biopsies  (please note SSS are not commissioned to see fast track patients or suspected cancers)

–       Soft tissue wisdom teeth impactions / bone wisdom teeth impactions

–       Lesions inside of the mouth


–       Removal of basal cell carcinomas (a non-melanoma skin cancer)

–       Removal of skin lesions/ moles and skin biopsies.

–       Selected scar revision surgery including keloid scarring

–       Keratin horns

Please note that NHS surgery for many of the above  is subject to funding restrictions / approval. Please speak to your General Practitioner for further information regarding criteria.

Our Patient Information Leaflet is available below:-

Dental extractions