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When the hips are damaged, a replacement may be an option where physiotherapy or medication has not been effective.

Hip replacement is one of the most common and successful operations performed worldwide. It is generally performed for arthritis, in which the surfaces of the joint become worn, leading to pain and reduced movement.

The hip and knee surgery team at Somerset Surgical Services specialises in the following procedures:

  • Total hip replacement The operation involves replacing the damaged joint   Many designs exist, and many surface finishes for the interior of the joint. Depending on a variety of factors such as age, quality of bone and activity level the ‘bearing surfaces’ can consist of metal, plastic, or ceramic in various combinations

After the operation patients generally walk the following day under the guidance of a physiotherapist. Discharge from hospital normally occurs 3-5 days after surgery, and patients are generally provided with advice about care of their new hip joint. Normal walking (without any trace of a limp) normally returns within 3 months, but until then patients often use a walking stick for support.