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Plastic surgery is a set of surgical procedures that focuses on the repair or reconstruction on parts of the body by changing soft tissue structure.

Surgery, injury and congenital conditions are all reasons why plastic surgery may be needed. The plastic surgery team at Somerset Surgical Services currently focus on local anaesthetic skin surgery including:

  • Removal of basal cell carcinomas (a non-melanoma skin cancer)
  • Removal of skin lesions/ moles and skin biopsies.
  • Selected scar revision surgery including keloid scarring
  • Keratin horns

Please note that NHS surgery for the above is subject to funding restrictions / approval. Please speak to your General Practitioner for further information regarding criteria.

NHS plastic surgery treatment under the care of SSS begins with an outpatient clinic appointment at a choice of locations. If your consultant feels that you would benefit from surgery or biopsy this will be undertake in a day case theatre and a pre-assessment appointment may be required. A follow up appointment will be arranged at your chosen clinic location where you will discuss the histology results with your surgeon and your wound will be checked.