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Latest Update

To support learning disability week 2018 all of our team have signed up as ‘Treat Me Well Champions’. As champions, we will receive the latest tips and resources to adapt patient pathways to individual needs. Our team explain why it has been so important for them to sign up:

‘I would like to understand the barriers people with learning disabilities face’ – Julie Jones
‘No matter who you are or where you are from, everyone deserves the same chances’ – Joe Beddington
‘All humans should help other humans’ – Rachel Lomax
‘Disability should not define the chances or opportunities a person has in life’ – Nicole Young
‘We are all too quick to adopt a one size fits all approach and risk letting down our most vulnerable patients’ – Gill Ryan
‘Awareness needs to be increased, especially when providing tailor-made healthcare’ – Anna Pursey
‘We are all the same in my eyes, just a wee bit different!’ – Anni Hewitt